Elev8 with Jonny

Hey I’m Jonny. 

What’s up guys my name is Jonny. My title is a wholesale account executive, which means I am a concierge to any and all of my clients. I look forward to helping get you the best returns possible with the best products possible. My focus is on getting the most customers into your shop to buy our products, which mutually benefits you and I! 


A little about myself, I am 27 and single. I attended business school at the University of Texas A&M. Some of my favorite hobbies include; hiking, working out, and going on adventures with my beautiful dog Grace! My goals are to make sure I treat everyone with respect and love so when they leave my presence they know at least one person is there for them! I really look forward to working with new people and making new friends so thank you for signing up with me. You have my word i’ll be there every step of the way! 

Thanks Yall, 

Stay Elev8ed


Mind. Body. Spirit.


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